Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What is a Cupcake Cake?

A Cupcake Cake is a bunch of cupcakes that are lined up so that you have a flat top to ice and decorate.  They are easy to serve, no need for a knife or fork, but can be decorated like a cake.

When filling your cupcake papers use an ice cream scoop.  This will give you more even sized cupcakes.

Cupcake Cakes can be generic shapes or shaped to match how you are decorating them, such as like a fish or butterfly.

Play with the shape of your cupcake cake.  You may need to adjust the shape depending on how many cupcakes you have/need.

Place your cakes as close together as you can get them.

Use a dot of icing on the bottom of the cupcakes to help glue them in place.

Now we have that mostly flat time that I mentioned above.  These cupcakes were filled with a peanut butter filling.

I iced the cupcake cakes with a soft medium icing. 

For the rainbow, I drew a half circle with the tip of the spatula to give me something to follow.

Using the elongated piping that we learned in Course 1 Lesson 2, I piped my different colors of the rainbow. 

For the clouds I did piped in a circular motion.

If you are decorating late at night, please pay attention to what you are doing.  You might want to make sure that you do your decorations on your cupcake cake (or any cake in general) are centered.  I did not realize until the next morning that I was not centered.

When serving the cupcake cake, pull your cupcakes straight up.  If you pull them off to the side, your icing may slide off the cupcake.

Please forgive the quality of my pictures in this post.  My camera batteries died during the middle, so some of these pictures were taking with my cell phone.

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