Monday, March 26, 2012

Layering the Layers

Now that we have our two flat cake layers it is time to put them together.  The following is how I do it.  I'm not saying it is right and any other way is wrong, it is just what I have learned works best for me.

I place the first layer, bottom side down with the cut side up.  The part that was in the bottom of the cake pan is against the cake board.  I do put a smear of icing down to ‘attach’ the cake to the cake pan. 

Spread on a layer of icing or filling.  If you are using a filling other than icing, don’t forget to make your butter cream damn around the inside edge of the cake, using a tip 12 and medium or stiff icing.

When I place the next layer of cake on, I put cut side down and the bottom of the cake up. 

Why do I place the two cut sides in the middle of the cake?  To make my life easier.  Cut edges make more crumbs.

If I torte the cake layers I still follow this method for stacking, placing the two cut tops in the middle of the cake. 

When I am using something besides icing for my filling, I will do two layers of filling and one layer of icing.  My cake would be cake layer, filling, cake layer, icing, cake layer, filling, cake layer.

When I use the 8x3 round cake pan, I put the top of the cake against the cake board.  I like have the flat bottom up, which gives me a flat surface to start with when I ice it.

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