Monday, February 27, 2012

No More Skinny Cakes

Let me share a little secret with you. 

When a cake mix box tells you to pour the batter into a 13x9, two 8in pans or two 9in pans, it lies.  Sure you can follow their directions, but I would be willing to bet that you end up with two thin layers of cake. 

Do you want thin layers that give you a short cake?  I don’t.

When I am making a cake I want pretty, full layers.  I want layers I can easily torte, fill and stack together.  I want cakes that look like you would find at a bakery.

How do you get those taller layers of cake? 

That is my next secret for you. 

Use more batter in your pans.

Print out or save the above link on your computer.  It may just become your best cake decorating pal.  I refer to it all of the time!

It has great information on it, including how many cups of batter you need to get the full 2in tall cake layers for any of the Wilton basic shaped pans.  With these amounts you will be filling your cake pans one half to two thirds full.

Another tidbit of information about cake mixes is that different brands of cake mixes make different amounts of cake batter.  Also the different flavors with in the same brand of cake mixes make different amounts of batter.  The brands and flavors vary between 4 cups and 6 cups of batter. 

If you have a favorite brand of cake mix my suggestion would be to measure it out when you use different flavors and make notes to yourself for reference.

Maybe you are a scratch baker?  You can still get two inch tall cake layers if you follow the amounts of batter listed in the link above.  As you make your different recipes, measure them out, and note the amounts of batter it makes on your recipes.

Adding more batter to your pan is just one of the suggestions I have for you to come out with pretty cake layers to build your cake with.  Be sure to watch out for more posts in the From Batter to Cake series to get more tips.

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