Friday, February 24, 2012

From Batter to Cake

The only time we really talk about the cake is during Decorating Basics Lessons 1 and  2.  After that our main focus of the classes are the decorations on the outside of the cakes.  I feel that sometimes we forget that the cake and icing are the backdrop to our finished cake. 

No matter how well we do the decorations we need a good backdrop to start with.

The up coming series “From Batter to Cake” are *my* steps for working on a cake, starting from the batter and moving  through the other stages of preparing our cakes for decorating.  At least once a week I will be posting different tips and suggestions that will hopefully improve your ‘backdrop’ giving you a good beginning surface for your decorations.

Come back Monday to check out the first post in of “From Batter to Cake.”

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