Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Texas Cottage Food Law

Did you know that before September 1, 2011 it was actually illegal to bake a cake in your home and sell it to someone, even someone you knew?

Texas bakers are very fortunate that we are now allowed to sell out baked goods with out having to build/buy a bakery or rent a kitchen.  This will allow hobby bakers that would like to make their family some extra money to do so, legally.

Even if you have heard of the Texas Cottage Food Law, visit and read over the law as well as the other great information they have on the website. 

Be sure to check out the FAQ section to give you more detailed information if you don’t quite understand the wording of the law.

Please make yourself familiar with the law, what is required of you, and what you can and can not legally do.  Remember just because we can now bake out of our kitchen doesn’t mean there are not any rules to follow.

You can also ‘like’ the Texas Baker's Bill on facebook. 

I can not and will not answer any legal questions or give legal advice when it comes to this law.  If you have any questions, a great starter place to ask is on the Texas Bakers Bill Facebook page or on the discussion forums on the 

I just wanted to share the information about this new law with everyone.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tip 233

In Decorating Basics Lesson 3 we use the tip 233 to make our shaggy mum.  You may have also noticed I used it when I made my silly monsters.

Have you wondered what else this tip can do?  It makes great grass and fur!

Aren’t these two bears cute?
(This picture was borrowed from

You can start with a plain grass covered cupcake and you can add many things on top of it, such as flowers, Easter eggs, or even Halloween candies.

(This picture was borrowed from

Isn’t this sweet idea with the pastel colors?  Now instead of grass we have pretty grass for an Easter Basket look.

(This picture was borrowed from

You could also use it as a straw or hay effect on a fall themed cake or even a hula grass skirt for a doll cake.

I came across this idea on Wilton, and thought it was also a neat idea for using this tip with a stencil for a different look.

(This picture was borrowed from

If you liked and want to try any of these ideas, be sure to click on the links above and they will take you to Wilton's website and the directions for them.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Let's Play Cake! - October 2011

As you can see this month's theme is Try Something New!

This theme is pretty self explanatory, basically you get free reign to cross something off that “I want to try this” list that we all have laying around.  It can be a new recipe, a new icing or a new flavor combination.  Maybe you want to try a new border or technique you read about.  Do you have a new ‘tool’ you haven’t gotten to play with yet?  Now is your chance!

My only caution for you is that you should never try too many new things on one cake.  So if you plan to try a new icing or filling, stick with the cake recipe you feel comfortable with.  If you plan to try a decorating technique, start with the icing you use all the time and know how it should behave.

Post pictures on facebook in the album titled, “LPC” – Oct. 2011.  Or Email any pictures to me at TracyCakesTX at gmail dot com.  Please include a description of what you did.

All pictures received by the last day of October will be shared in a blog post the first week of November.

I ask that anything you submit to me or to the photo album be a new creation.  While we all love a chance to show off past work the idea behind this is to push us to sit down and do something new or just for ourselves.

Let's Play Cake! - September 2011 Recap

In September’s Let’s Play cake, I challenged everyone to pick at least two techniques from any of the three Wilton Courses, practice them, and share pictures.

I’m a bit sad that not one person took me up on this challenge, but I do know that life can be busy.  I will be posting a new theme for October, maybe it will be more inspiring for everyone.

I did get in some practice this month myself while I was making displays for the store.  I don’t often make time to just sit down to make flowers, and now that I have a bunch of leftovers I have some ready to go decorations I can put on a cake or cupcakes for a quick project.

First we have the display cake that I made.  It is covered in Wilton’s new pre colored green fondant.  I used royal icing for the ribbon roses, leaves, dots and drop flowers.

Using royal icing again, I also went through almost all of the techniques we cover in the Decorating Basic’s Class, as well as the flowers and basket weave we do in Flowers & Cake Design.

Soon I will have to sit down and make some more pansies, since the ones shown here have already gotten broken at the store. 

Next Post:  October's Let's Play Cake Theme