Friday, September 2, 2011

Write on your Cakes!

Why is writing on a cake so terrifying to many of us?  Even I went threw a period where I would avoid writing on cakes, much like I avoided roses.  Now though, I know that the more you practice, the better it gets.  Surprising how that works huh?

My first helpful hint to better writing on cakes is simply to practice!  While you can practice writing on your practice board it is a bit of a different than actually writing on a cake.  Instead, flip a cake pan over and write on the bottom of it.  This will give you the feeling of being on a cake and the reminder that you can’t just rest your wrist against the ‘cake’.

Use Message Press Sets, these give you letters to trace much like you do on the practice board.  The Message Press Sets often help people with the size and spacing of letters.  Wilton makes two different styles with two different fonts. 

What about those letters that you just can’t seem to keep in a straight line?  I take one of my viva paper towels (wax paper would work too) and lay over the cake.  I can use the edge of the paper towel as my guide for writing the letters, which helps keep them in a straight line.  I have also found it helps if I turn my cake at an angle when I write.

Relax and move your whole arm, not just your wrist.  Write much like you would if you were writing on paper with a pen.

You can also write your message in the same color as the icing on your cake first.  This helps make it easier to remove letters if you do make a mistake and it will give a neat little raised effect for the letters. 

If you are feeling daring you can always pipe the letters in one color of icing using a tip 4, then pipe over that in a second coloring using a tip 2 or 3.

You do want to use your thin consistency butter cream for writing.  Keeping your bag at a 45 degree angle will help keep your lines more rounded.  Also don’t forget when piping to keep your tip slightly above the surface.  If you drag your tip along/in the icing you will have a lot of problems removing letters later if need be. 

If you do need to remover a letter, toothpicks work great.

Remember, spelling counts!  Write your message on something else before you put it on the cake, just to double check that you have everything correctly.  Plus a run through, may help you feel more comfortable when you write on your cake.

Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend?  Me, I’ll be working on displays for the store, as well as some more blog posts for here.  Hope everyone has a great and safe holiday weekend! 

If you practice anything this weekend don’t forget to take pictures so you can share it in this month’s “Let’s Play Cake!” 

Also if you do any cakes for the holiday, feel free to post them on the facebook page under the folder “Show off your cakes here.”

Next Post:  Tuesday, September 6th.

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