Friday, September 16, 2011

Shaggy Mum on the Flower Nail

In Decorating Basic’s Lesson 3 we do the Shaggy Mum on the cupcake with the swirl of icing.  What happens if you want to do it on something other than a cupcake?

I noticed the other day when glancing at the directions for a cake in the back of the lesson book that they suggest piping the shaggy mum’s on vanilla wafers.  This is a great tip, but this last week I wanted to make some of the flowers, and didn’t have any vanilla wafers on hand.

I ended up used my flower nail, with the rose template, wax paper and royal icing.  You could probably also do these in butter cream if you let the flower dry long enough before trying to move, but royal icing worked perfectly for my needs.

I first piped my three leaves, like we did on the cupcake.  You could leave the leaves off, and pipe those on your cake before adding the flower, but I decided to try it this way.

Next I piped a mound of icing, using tip number 12, in the center, much like we did for the pom pom flower.   This mound of icing gives a base for the petals to build off of.

I then piped the rest of the flower as we did before, remembering to pull my tip up and away in the direction I wanted the petals to go in.

The shaggy mums were left to dry about 24 hours before I removed them from the wax paper to use.  If I was doing them in butter cream I would increase drying time to two or three days.

I used the flowers along with the other things we do in the Decorating Basics class for a display for the store.

This is just one of the things I've ‘practiced’ from the three Wilton Courses last week.  Have you done any practicing lately?  If so, take pictures so you can share them in the September Let’s Play Cake!

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