Friday, September 23, 2011

Roll & Cut Mat Tip and Reminders

Do you have a Roll and Cut Mat or another mat to roll out fondant, cookies, pie crust or what ever else you want to roll out on it?

For years I would get one of those mats out, unroll it, reach to grab something and have the mat roll up again.  How many of us have used tape to hold the mat open?  Or maybe you use your salt and pepper shakers, bowls or what ever else is handy on the cabinet to grab and put on the corners of it.

Did you know there was actually a pretty simple fix to this?  Next time you roll your mat up for storage, roll it with the ‘top’ of the mat on the outside.  On the Wilton Roll and Cut Mat you would roll it with the markings on the outside.  When you go to use it again, it will lay flatter and will not roll inward on itself. 

Some reminders...

We have one week until the end of the month.  Where did September go?  If you practiced anything this month and took pictures don’t forget to send me the picture or post it on the facebook page so I can share it in the September’s Let’s Play Cake post.

If you haven’t practiced anything yet, why not do so this weekend?

October’s monthly promotion on the four week courses is 40% off or $27.

Decorating Basics – Tuesdays
Starts Oct 4th

Flowers & Cake Design – Wednesdays
Starts Oct 12th  Please note:  This date has changed!

Gum Paste & Fondant – Mondays
Starts Oct 10th  Please note:  This date has changed!

Want to learn something new?  I have a POPS class on the schedule as well.  We will make the Rice Krispie Treat Pops as well as some Cake Pops in fun Halloween themes. 

Project Class:  Halloween POPS!
Saturday, October 22nd
Cost:  $20

Don’t forget to check out the Current Class Schedule to see what classes will be offered in November and December.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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