Friday, September 30, 2011

A Quick Bag Prep Tip

For my demo last weekend I wanted to have my bags prepared and ready to go, but wasn’t quite sure yet which tips I would need for which bag.

I went ahead and filled the bags, remember you don’t want to fill your bags too full, half full or less is best.  I scrapped the icing down inside the bag and put on the bag tie.  The bag tie helps keep the icing from coming out the top of your bag, plus keeps the icing from crusting.
Instead of putting a tip on the bag, this time I took small squares of plastic wrap, held it over the coupler and twisted on the coupler ring.  Now the icing on this end of the bag won’t crust nor will it get squished out everywhere.

Since these needed to go in the bag with everything else I had to carry, I put them all in a large ziplock bag to keep them together.  At home you could still do this, but both ends of the bag are protected, so you really don’t have to.

When you know what tips go on the bag you can use the silicone tip covers.  These are great when using royal icing to keep the icing from drying as bad in the tip when you are switching from bag to bag.  Plus they come in handy when you are doing butter cream work and need to put your icing a side for a few hours.

Is anyone wondering what I used my bold and bright colors to make?  I did these fun ‘monsters’ during the demo.  You can really see my purple and a truer blue color in these pictures.  And look how black my black is.  The lighter green was made mixing leaf green and lemon yellow.

I will be checking my email and the facebook page on Monday morning, hoping that someone will share pictures of what they have been practicing this month so I can include them with the picture of my display cake in a wrap up post for September's Let’s Play Cake.  I will also post the new theme on Monday.

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