Monday, September 12, 2011

Organize Your Tips

Does this sight look familiar? 

Maybe it’s just me, but after I clean my tips they tend to get dumped into a bowl or even a zip lock bag until I take the time to put them back in my tool box.

Taking a few minutes to organize your tips will help make it quicker for you to get your bags ready.  Instead of having to handle a bunch of tips to find the one you want, you just get to reach and go. 

The first step is sorting. 

Start by sorting out the types of the tips:  Round tips, Star tips, Petal tips, Leaf Tips, and so on.  Having your tips grouped by the type allows you to look for tips you need in sections, rather than having to look over every tip you have.

If you visit the Wilton website you can see all the tips they offer broken down by types. There is also a page in the Wilton Yearbooks that will give you the same information.

Next sort by the numbers.  Generally in each tip group the smaller the number the smaller the opening of the tip.  I put my tips in order from smallest to largest.  Again this will help when searching for the tip you want. 

I often suggest that instead of trying to get one of each tip Wilton makes, you should see which tips you use more often and have multiples of those tips.  When I am sorting and storing these tips I will stack the multiples together.  This means you have more space for other tips types and sizes in your container.  I will also stack tips together if I only have one or two of a size that I don’t use often, and need a little more space in that tip group for others. 

You want your most used tips to be easily accessible.      

After your tips are sorted you will need to figure out what you want to put them in to help keep them organized.

Wilton makes a tip save case, in two sizes.

( This photo was borrowed from the website.)

They also have the Tool Caddies that have places for your tips.

Or you can get creative and think outside the box by using any kind of container that has compartments.

Below is a close up of my tips, so you can see that I have my rounds, stars and petal tips in rows, smallest to largest.  If you look closely, you can see that I do have two stacks of some types like the 3s, 12s, 16s and 21s.  This is because I have too many to just have one stack.  You may not have that issue, but remember you can usually stack about 5 or so high.

I do actually have more tips that what is shown here, but these are the ones that I use most often use, so I keep them in my Tool Caddy.

If I have learned anything about organizing cake supplies is it that you have to figure out what works for yourself.  While one thing may work great for me, it may not be the best thing to suit another person’s needs.  I have tried each of the above containers, and the one that currently suits my needs is the Wilton Tool Caddy with the tray in it.  In the future I will re-evaluate, to see if it is still working for my needs at that time.

Leave a comment and let me know what type of container you store your tips in.  Does it work well for you?  Did you sort your tips when putting them in it?

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