Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Messy Bag Tops?

When filling your plastic or featherweight icing bags, you should always fold the top of the bag over.  This will help keep the icing from getting all over the top of the bag, or even the outside of the bag.  Even when folding it down, after you fill your bags a few times the icing works higher and higher up the bag, and even using your hands doesn’t always press down nicely. 

I have a quick and easy tip for that.  I use a clean jumbo Popsicle stick to press the icing down inside the bag.

This is my second favorite use for the jumbo Popsicle sticks, the first is using them to color icing.

Here is a before and after picture to show you the difference.  In the first picture I haven’t scrapped the icing down yet.  In the second picture you can see that I scrapped enough icing down that you can actually see the Wilton logo through the icing and bag.

If you take a moment to do this ahead of time, you will have less icing sticking out the top of the bag to dry out and make a mess later on.

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  1. That's another great idea, I always had trouble with that!

  2. I'm glad it helps you out! It is such an easy way to help keep the mess down a little.