Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Got Dirty Tips?

In today’s post I am sharing how I clean my decorating tips.

First I take a small knife, and cut a slit down the coupler.  This makes it easier to pop the coupler out of the bag.

I separate out the tip covers and bag ties as these don’t usually need as much cleaning as the other stuff.  The tips and couplers go in a jar with hot soapy water.  Just make sure the jar or container closes very well.  Getting dirty, soapy water everywhere is never a fun thing.

Close up the jar and shake it around.  If the icing in the tips has had time to dry out you may want to let them soak a little while.  I will repeat the shake, shake, shake with fresh hot water if I need to.

Next up I used the tip cleaning brush on any tips that still had some icing in them and tossed them all in a pan with some water and a little soap.  The pan goes on the stove for 10-15 mins, until it boils.  For me this helps really clean any left over greasy off the tips. 

This is my small handy dandy strainer or colander.  I love using it for my tips because it is perfect size.  After the tips are clean I dump them in it to rinse. 

Lastly I just lay them out on a dish towel to dry, making sure none of the tips are stuck inside of each other.

While I am really bad about putting off cleaning my tips, one of the reasons I have so many, I will be honest and say these are all of the tips I used last night making stuff for display pieces.  Eek!! 

If I have some tips that have been waiting a while to be washed I have skipped the shaking step, and just put everything in the pan of water.  I’ll heat it on the stove for about 10-15 mins, rinse the tips, add fresh water and bring it to a boil again.  After the second boil I’ll use the tip cleaner brush to clean any stubborn tips then boil them once more.

You can put your Wilton tips through the dish washer.  You want to either use the mesh bags they have for them or close them in a compartment that they will not fall out of.

Wilton decorating tips should never rust, but they will discolor if you leave them sitting in water for long periods of time.  Also some dishwashing liquids, usually those with lemon, can cause them to discolor.  There is nothing wrong them if they do discolor, other than them not being as pretty.

I dropped the bag ties and tip covers in my jar and gave them a few shakes as well.  I don’t put them in the pan with the boiling water though.

How do you clean your tips?

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