Monday, August 29, 2011

Bag Striping!

Have you seen piped borders or cupcakes with a swirl of colors blended together?  One of the ways to do this is what they call bag stripping.

There are two different ways to get the bag strip effect.  One is to take a paint brush the color gels straight out of the container up the inside of a bag.  This will give you a bolder color difference. The second way is to take already colored icing and using a spatula and spreading it up the inside of a bag.  With the already colored icing the striping will be softer tones of color.

In the below picture I took three different colors of icing and stripped them upside the inside of a 16in plastic bag fitted with a tip 1M.  

Next you fill your bag up with icing.  I used white, but you could always use different shades of the same colors, like dark pink strips with light pink icing filling the bag.

Using the 1M tip, I took my spatula stripped bag and piped swirls on cupcakes.

You can see in the above picture that the first swirls will have darker colors.  If you want them all closer in look you can squeeze the bag over a bowl to get to the white icing before you start piping.  Also, because the later swirls have more white icing you can always make your strips of colored icing thicker in the larger portion of the bag to add more of the color for the swirl.

I love doing this for cupcakes when I want something quick and easy.  It adds color with a bit of a tie dyed effect, kicking a plain cupcake up a notch with out a lot of additional work.

Visit Wilton’s website for a video demonstration of bag striping at 

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Update:  I added a link to a printable version of the Marshmallow Creme Filling recipe.  You will find it at the bottom of the post.

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